The desire of Seeking Hearts Ministries is to bring all people into a closer relationship with Christ by instilling in them the desire to learn more about God and His Word. Prayerfully, this site will give your heart the prodding that it needs to “Seek the LORD and His strength;” to “Seek His face continually,” as Psalm 105:4 says.

My personal journey as a seeker began at a young age. To my earliest recollections, I have always desired more information; it’s who I am to the core of my being. I love knowledge! If I am interested in a subject, I am obsessed over it. I love to read articles, books, talk to experts …anything I can get my hands on to help me understand an issue better. So it is with my walk with God; I am passionate about seeking His face. I am obsessed with who He is, His character, His unfathomable grace and I want to draw others in to feel the same. I want people to realize that seeking our Lord is never a waste. It is always worth any effort.

Teaching is also a passion of mine. If I have information, I’m going to share it. If I have found a new truth in Scripture, I cannot rest until I know others have it too. At Seeking Hearts Ministries, my goal is not to force feed, but to ignite a curiosity in people that will bring them to a place of seeking more information for themselves. My husband says that “while you cannot force a horse to drink, you can sure make his oats salty”. That’s my desire, to make the oats really salty. There is nothing more incredible than seeing a child, teenager, or adult begin to seek God for themselves. There is a new glint in their eye, a new spark in their step, a new excitement in their conversation because they now know that God is amazing. They’ve seen it for themselves!





My desire is that we would be an army of SEEKING HEARTS striving to see our Lord more clearly. That we would be a mass of seekers determined to hear our Savior’s voice distinctly in the chaos of this world.

My prayer is for you to be blessed, strengthened and encouraged in your walk with the Lord and may you always know that even if you are not ready to seek Him, He is always seeking you.